Because at the rate Blizzard is going they’re going to be the only dragons we have left.

Player characters are not dragons.

That picture is truly pointless, as it applies to pretty much every single person. Everyone has free time, the difference is how much of that free time they have.

Dragon RP is Mary Sue nonsense. Player characters playing a race other than the one they choose when they create their toon is Mary Sue nonsense. Keep that shit out of in-game RP.

you’re boring and your tepid, unoriginal nonsense is honestly more trite than anything blizzard has bothered to put out. 

so grats on achieving that feat.

one day, hopefully, you will be burdened with lack of free time enough to realize that it’s worse to be some no-fun-allowed wet blanket rather than finding your own fun instead.

think about if your draconian policy on lore is really worth taking the time you have to try and ruin someone else’s fun.

doing anything else proves that speaking is not really an act that suits you very well.

Tepid, unoriginal nonsense?

I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood. I’m AGAINST using crutches like being a dragon in order to spice up my RP

what’s more trite and unoriginal than having a limited set of things you’re “allowed” to play so that the guy who chooses to play the dirt farmer with a butterknife doesn’t feel inferior?

like dude. just because there are concepts that’s interest and flavor in a story lie outside of your perceptions doesn’t mean it’s a crutch.

your inherent lack of vision does not make for a concept ill. your inability to color outside lines you drew yourself is not a valid deterrent for rp concepts.

your ineptness does not shape the abilities of others out there, regardless of how distorted by your own ego your vision is.

go play a boring do-nothing be-nothing character in your corner and leave people who want to actually have fun alone.

What’s more interesting: Taking a standard blood elf, human, goblin etc and turning them into a fun, interesting character that people remember.

Or being a fucking Dragon?

Look, I get the whole “I want to be special” thing, I really do, but do that by making a genuinely interesting and unique character without resorting to the “Dragon” or “San’layn” bullshit.

If you wanna RP that shit, don’t do it in game where it’s an impossibility.

lol look at this false equivalence 

Ok because its literally impossible to be a dragon in world of warcraft