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Tell me about your dragon OCs.

She’s broadly kind but sometimes has bad small-time judgement in people. Can spend more time trying to remember something than why she was trying to remember it. She’s overlycapricious and values cleverness and a good yarn – if she were a storybook dragon, she’d spend a century hoarding gold only to lose it to some poor miller’s son in a stupid riddle and then laugh about it. So she can be unreliable with serious things.

I love the idea of Cuco losing a pile of gold over a stupid riddle and just laughing about it.

Fiyastrasza is basically a female Korialstrasz. Intrigued by adventurers and helps them along as sometimes a hidden force, and sometimes as a blatant force. She even made her own coalition. She started as a shrine caretaker.

Then there’s Slatexia. She was suppose to be paired with Thaneiris, an old GM of an old RP private server named Millennium back in the Wrath of the Lich King days. She was going to rule the land that he couldn’t oversee in his position, and given as how this was a joint application for his resurrection as a magma wyrm, she would hold power over an army of orcs. It was going to be an amazing RP. Didn’t happen cause our dragons weren’t chosen in that season’s dragon apps (there was a strict app system for dragons that weren’t RPed as whelps, to drakes, etc.)

I love my bbs. Here’s some pics

Hello I am adding my nerd because Dragon Rper hate is dumb

This is my Blue lizard Rinnigos along with a picture of his mate Zanastrasza (i know red right? someone call the police!) He is undead now though. He’s pretty blunt/sarcastic/hostile but also very sweet in his own way. I could say more but I think this is good enough. I’ve always felt really bad for rping him and always thought about voiding his dragon-ness and reworking his story all together. But I enjoy him how he is- even if people think it’s the wrong way to RP a character.

This is Teldoren (or well, actually Telreastraz) :

He’s a red who decided that fighting the undead Scourge was far more important than the bickering in the Nexus War, and basically ran off to join the Argent Crusade.
Teldoren is also a giant nerd that’s still with the Crusade because they give him three square meals a day and a place to sleep. He’s also a actually a decent paladin, who found that working with the Light is actually very similar to his own draconic magic, and took to it fairly quickly.