It’s for people who can’t do the proper shit.

Proper roleplay? Do you mean knights and castles, are we all melon farmers?

Allow me to tell you again, from my previous post:

Excuse me, allow me to stick my myself right in here.

First of all, World of Warcraft Dragons aren’t these Tolkien-esque scary dragons that everyone seems to think they are. We’re literally killing whelps by the brood at level what, 40? Even less anymore.

Drakes? We also kill those solo, as do NPCs in the game who actually hunt them.

Dragons? Even better because while maybe not always killed solo they can be and minimal groups are used to hunt them.

So there is NOTHING that says Dragons are these super powered creatures that pose too terrible a threat other than previous expansion events etc. that all happened during a time when Azeroth’s technology wasn’t as equipped. If you haven’t noticed magic, technology and the whole of the game has changed.

You want to be stuck in this mentality that because ‘you care about roleplay’ and that everyone should play to your fantasy? Fine keep it in your fucking head and keep disrespecting your jaw. But nobody really cares because it’s their money- their character and their story. Nobody has to involve you and nobody is going to make you.

So do yourself a favor and ease the fuck up because honestly? Your preachy bullshit isn’t going to go very far. Blizzard’s supposed lore and environment has literally had us do a Doctor fucking Who and we can’t have Dragons according to you? Get out.

Your immersion and your storyline belong to you, so does your character, but the World of Warcraft? It belongs to Blizzard and you’re just playing on the sandbox they built, so are we- because nowhere in any way shape or form has Blizzard said: “You can’t be a Dragon.”


You must be so incredibly bored to sit here and keep arguing a pointless argument.

Is this the appropriate time to ask people to link their raid progression?

Oh they put it on their blog:

“Raid experience is currently 6/7 HM HC, 4/10 BRF HC and 5/13 HFC N. All as holy paladin. “