Hey tumblr, look at these books right here,

you take a good look? good. 

these books were both about how a society made to cater to people in terms of censoring “offensive” material became that of a dictatorship. 

you were meant to read these and be warned of the consequences, not use them as instruction manuals.

Actually 451F° is about society abandoning the pursuit of learning for trivial things, Montag literally figured out that books were not censored but abandoned, and New Speak in 1984 is about changing words not because of offence, but to serve the political purposes of a powerful majority (not for the protection of marginalized people or minorities). If you really want to get into that, how about looking into how words like “socialism,” “democracy,” and “liberty” have been altered in US political discussion to fit the ruling class.

Fucking actually read the books before talking about them, jfc.

This drives me crazy about the South-Park-and-Family-Guy “I hate everybody equally” straight white guys. They compare anything that resembles treating minorities with respect to 1984, without ever realizing 1984 was about forcing everyone to conform to mainstream ideals of decency and wiping out things like homosexuality, and that Fahrenheit 451 was about becoming complacent with mainstream society and having your preconceptions catered to at every turn, and abandoning or mocking the idea of learning new things or embracing different cultures and points of view.

But then these days I honestly don’t actually expect geek boys to actually read the scifi they mock girls for not understanding.

Haha did they really censor the cover of 1984?