so I think i have my future demon hunter worked out

he’s gonna be a dirty surfer bro elf with frosted tips who’s been stoned off his ass this whole time and has somehow made it this far. highlights include:

  • doesn’t wear a shirt because he’s never owned a shirt in his life.  
  • doesnt wear shoes cuz he lost his flipflops. 
  • still tries to get service at fast food places despite lacking these bare essentials.
  • tried to turn one of his glaives into a bong. 
  • has unironically uttered the phrase “dude where’s my mount.”  
  • tried to turn the other glaive into a bong when the first one didnt work.
  • whoa man demons are so uptight why can’t they like yknow chillax brah

illidan was super desperate for recruits at some point im just sayin