Beginning from the over all need of money, desperation and some hard expenses coming my way in the future in the wake of my next California move, I’ve decided to offer up some carries for all you aspiring PvPers.

Can’t find both a SKILLED and RELIABLE partner? Is capping every week a chore? Do you dread having to get all your conquest points strictly through mediocre and frankly tiring means such as Ashran? Do you just find the grind annoying and want to skip to the ratings push? I’m your man!

(Prices can be negotiated to what you may need, point wise.)

Skirmish Honor Wins: (IL 730): $0.25

Single Conquest Wins: $1.00

Weekly Conquest Cap (10 Wins): $9.50

Full Season Conquest Cap (150 Wins): $135.00

PvP Mount Achievement

(40 RBG or 100 3v3): $150

No matter what role, class, specialization, skill level or geared you are, I can guarantee you a quick and quality service for your character(s).

All prices listed are in USD and must be deposited through Pay Pal. Due to my actual financial needs at the moment, I cannot accept gold as payment for these services. As the season numbers balance out, I will offer Challenger Title carries. Tips are highly appreciated, but never required!

Feel free to add me to Battle Tag or message me on Tumblr or Skype for an inquiry or purchase of services!

Disclaimer: This service is only available to Horde players currently!

Skype: H62_Nightbane

Battletag: NiCrimsonsng#1179

Armory: Ni Crimsonsong