Why does Anduin get shit on for always promoting “For peace” with people, but Jaina gets shit on for moving away from that mentality to a more action oriented one.

Because Jaina is fueled by revenge and anger and on the spot judgements.

Jaina wanted women and children orcs dead beheaded or hung.

Stop forgiving Jaina solely on the basis she’s a woman and examine the character.

Every character in Warcraft is fueled by revenge and anger and the one who gets the most shit is Jaina for being so, despite having the most reason.

Jaina wanting orc women dead isn’t exactly evil, considering most of the women are ALSO fighters and warriors. No where however did it say she wanted innocent children or innocent women dead, unless you interpret “Dismantle the Horde” as that.

Stop blaming Jaina solely on the basis of interpretation and examine the character.

“Jaina wanting to kill children.”

What the fuck?


I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Jania has entirely legitimate reasons to be mad as fuck at the Horde. She had her city hit with the equivalent of a magical nuke, forced to deal with the Horde deliberately abusing neutral areas in order to move weaponry, and an assortment of other Horde douchbaggery on top of that.


She said “Dismantle the Horde.”

Not “Destroy the Horde.” Not “Kill the Horde.” Nothing along those lines. What she wanted was the dismantling of the warmachine that had fucking Nuked her city and the prevention of that happening again. And yet people give her shit for this.

And you know what? She’s right. The Horde has repeatedly proven that it can not be trusted to function at the global level without inevitably fucking everything up for everybody else and sparking conflict with the rest of the world. Dismantling the Horde wouldn’t just be THE MOST LOGICAL FUCKING ACTION VARIAN, it’s also the most sensible in terms of the races that make up the Horde itself. The Foresaken are assholes who want to kill the world, the Blood Elves are being dragged into more conflicts than they have any fucking part in beyond their idiot allies, just as the Tauren have been, while the Goblins are dicks in it for the money. The only reason the Horde is even still holding together, rather than the various racial groups going their own way is for two reasons.

Firstly, because it’s they only way they can really act coherently on a global scale and two, because of Thrall. Who keeps the Horde together? Thrall does. Who anoints the new Warchief? Thrall does. Who’s cult of personality is so strong among the primary racial leaders of the Horde (Orcs, Trolls, Tauren) that their leaders don’t want to leave the Horde, even when it would arguably be better for them to do so? Fucking Thrall does. 

And that’s because he’s not a character. He’s not even a figure anymore. He’s a self-inserted, walking Deus Machina for the writer’s to throw at any problem they see fit.

Jania, on the other hand, is an actual character. She has repeatedly sacrificed shit in her life in order to, if not maintain, at least prolong the inevitable collapse, of the ‘peace’ between the Horde and the Alliance. She sacrificed her own fucking father to do so, even while preaching the notion that the Horde could ultimately still be reasoned with. She has every god damn right, not only reasonably but as a fucking character, to change her mind about the Horde and want them gone.

While Anduin is a character who, while preaching peace, has never sacrificed anything in that goal, but has ultimately been shown as the golden boy of azeroth who can somehow bring about peace. Meanwhile, Jania, who has been doing this shit for years and sacrificed so much, is shat on by the writers because they haven’t got an original thought in their head beyond “turn old characters evil hurr (unless it’s thrall, in which cause gobble his cock some more)”.

Jania is right to want to dismantle the Horde. She saw decades of peace efforts thrown away, entirely by their side, and her home nuked. She can change her mind, and she can even fucking despise the Horde. Hating the Horde isn’t bad. She’s fucking allowed to do that, without people jumping up her ass about “Wanting to kill the children a-boo-FUCKING-hoo”.

And you know what, she doesn’t even want that. She doesn’t want to break into Ogrimmar, slaughtering Orcs but the dozen, creeping into children’s beds to freeze their little skulls and smash them open. She just wants them to stop fucking things up. To stop destroying and waging war. To stop them from hurting anybody else like she was hurt. And that is entirely reasonable.


While Anduin is a character who, while preaching peace, has never sacrificed anything in that goal, but has ultimately been shown as the golden boy of azeroth who can somehow bring about peace.


Do you even play this game?

We may call Anduin a little shit, but he puts his money where his mouth is.