I’m not going to post any names, or do any sort of witch hunts, but today I logged onto Tumblr to find a rather… Rude, and unneeded ask from an anonymous person. I will not state what the contents were, but it basically boils down to “Your character did something and you, as a player, are a fucked-up individual and deserve to be treated like the sack of shit you are.

I’m sorry. What?

My character is not me.  The situations portrayed in roleplay are not real.  Ever. And if any of the people I have ever roleplayed with have had any problems, I encourage them to speak up about it. My character acts, speaks, and does things in a far different manner than I do. That is okay.

What’s not okay is assuming that I’m a piece of shit over the way my character is roleplayed, of all things. Honestly this whole situation has put me off from proceeding with some things I wanted to do in RP this week.

But, shit happens. I may turn off my asks for about a week or so. This was honestly so upsetting.