Hello! I threatened people with another sale, and here it is.
Another sale.

For the past few years I’ve run this thing where, during the Christmas month, I hold a cheap commission sale, sort of an advent calendar, if you will. And this year is no different! This year I’m offering single character bust portraits; fully colored and fully shaded! 24 slots, no more, no less.

The base price for one portrait is only 10 usd!

This price includes both web-sized picture [~900 pixels on longest side] and full resolution version, if you want the latter also.

Payment via PayPal only – I will send you an invoice, should I accept your commission.

Once accepted, I will add you to my commission queue and assign you a number; that number is the day your artwork will be posted (the artwork will be completed before the day); so slot number 1 would mean your artwork will be posted on (and completed before) 1st of December.

These will be partial wing it; meaning while you have say on themes and expressions, I will have the final say on posing and the like. Moreover, for this sale I will not provide WIPs or process views, or revisions. However, fear not – I will fix mistakes I’ve made the best way I can!

I can draw original characters [human(oid), mecha, furry, feral/animal – no matter!]; fan characters, World of Warcraft/Guild Wars 2/FFXIV/WS/other MMO player characters. Please note I draw things on my own style, so for example I would not draw MLP fan character with the show’s style, but my own style.
I will not draw canon characters/NPC characters; real life people or their exact, unstylized likeness*, including celebrities and family members; pet portraits – animal ocs are fine, but I will not draw your dog; any hateful content, nudity, obvious fetish gear – keep it sfw this time around, thank you!

Still interested?
Please fill out THIS COMMISSION FORM and I’ll get back at you!

Need encouragement?
Please see my blogs and their art tags: meoproject [art tag] // meocraft [art tag]

Thank you!
Signal boosts appreciated if you can’t help me out otherwise :>

Sir Meo
MeoProject // MeoCraft
SirMeo@dA // SirMeo@FA

16/24 slots claimed [though not all are paid yet so there may still be cancellations] !

Thank you so much for supporting me Y_Y