You asked for it. Here it comes. Messaging. Real, threaded, instant messaging. It’s in the latest Android and iOS apps, and on the web.

Yep: Now you can talk to a Tumblr.

This is a big launch, and it’s going to take a few weeks to get it out to everyone (we need to make sure our servers can handle the weight of your discourse). If you don’t have it now, you’ll have it soon.

Q: So, how can I tell if I have messaging?

A: Great question. If you see this smiley balloon hanging out on your screen…

…you’ve got messaging. If you message someone, they’ll get messaging. Eventually, messaging will cover the earth.

Q: What if I have other Q’s? What if I have A’s, even?

A: Well dang, we’d love to hear any feedback or questions you have about this thing. What works well? What kind of doesn’t? What kind of features do you want to see? Those are some of the Q’s that could use your A’s. Our support team is listening (and they’ve already put together an FAQ).  

but this is not the same this as the ‘reply’ function. Reply allowed people to:

– respond specifically to one post, directly in reference to that post, in a simple way that didn’t spread semi-personal/private posts all over the dashes of our followers’ followers

– start a tangential but public discussion spawned off the ‘reply to the reply’ that didn’t spam people’s dashes with the same image/bulky media post/bulky text OP over and over

an IM/chat function accomplishes neither of those, and does not in any way replace ‘reply’ function.

why is this happening

What the hell