Hello, I was hoping to get in touch with anyone who knows @burdwow /Tori personally.

I had ordered a 2 character commission, waist up, on Jan. 2nd of this year and I still have been unable to receive any updates since the initial sketch and a post-work of color that was shown on her tumblr later that month.

I was able to last speak with her in May and since then it’s been silent. I’ve not been able to get a response through emails, both I have of hers, as well as tumblr fan mail. I see all three tumblrs are active and she’s been taking commissions so I was hoping to either get my money back (because ten months is far too long,) or have my commission completed.

Please ask her to get in contact with me. Thank you!

I also commissioned Burdwow in January, when I first received a sketch, and since then I’ve never once been able to get I contact with her. I’ve sent both emails and asks on her blog simply asking for some sort of update, and then two months ago I requested a refund, which I never got a reply to. The length of time the commission has taken would NOT have bothered me if it weren’t for the fact I’ve been out right ignored for this long. At this point I just want a refund.

So if anyone can help us get in contact with her it would be greatly appreciated!

I basically had this exact same problem. I paid them in january, went a month without a sketch, finally got an email back in february saying they were “in the middle of my sketch” and then didn’t hear anything for two weeks. 

Not particularly impressed, I initiated a paypal dispute, and finally heard back from them a good 4 days later. It was pretty obvious they didn’t spend three months on the sketch, but by then I was tired of trying to get blood from a stone, so I told them it was okay. However the never actually responded to paypal (or to me after that) so I escalated the dispute to a claim, which they also didn’t respond to, and got my money back. 

Honestly my suggestion to the two of you (and everyone else) is to do the same thing and initiate a refund because obviously emailing doesn’t work.

If anyone is still able to do this in paypal, please try what @tevruden has suggested. I’ve gotten a message in my mailbox that suggests this is common practice for @dust-bite / @burdwow for the last year or two three to four years and while I would like to go on good faith, I can not.

Also, try what is posted here:

I am personally unable to do the former but I’m in high hopes some of you folks can.

Thank you all for the support! Please keep this active for the folks involved as well as other people who might be thinking about commissioning her.