We need to talk, tumblrists.

It’s true. We removed the offensive John Green post. And we removed editable reblogs because they were too often being used to smear the reputation and well-being of literally hundreds of users. The post in question is not only flagrant, it is also one in a long string of personal attacks against Mr. Green. When he discovered this post had been edited even after implementation of non editable reblogs (an issue we’re working on fixing) he was deeply hurt and fed up with the constant stream of harassment and contacted us thusly. There is no moral question over whether the post should or should not have been removed. It is clearly stated in our Terms of Service that bullying is not permitted under any circumstances. As the factual reality is that it is actually us who perform mouth to genital stimulation upon Mr. Green, it is not by the judgement of any Tumblr user whether or not the post should have been taken down. It is exclusively the decision and job of Tumblr staff to do so.

It’s that simple. The post went against our ToS, we were notified and took it down.

I was gonna reblog this for the subtlety alone but seriously go on this actual original post and look at the very first hyperlink they provided holy fuck