Do you know why?

You get yanked around. He forgets about your commission and I guess hey, pretends to be his wife whenever asked about a refund.

It has been over a year since I sent Genzo money. I had to send him all the character information twice because of a reason he never stated.


You get such winners like that email! Where he claims to have sent the image, I have had this happen a couple of times. I have asked him to resend this supposed sketch for approval…. no response given.

Oh surely I must be over reacting- nah.


He keeps saying he sent a sketch. I have NEVER seen it enter my email. I have asked repeatedly for him to resend it and he ignores those messages.
And yes I kept a sharp watch on my junk box.

It’s okay though, every time I inquire about a refund he pretends to be his wife.




The best best part about this is- look at this tweet from just the day before


NEVER COMMISSION GENZOMAN. He is unprofessional and terrible with communication.

Hahah I thought i saw something about him and commissions lately.