who can find an appropriate gif for the moment when you want to follow someone cause their art is nice but they’re angry and negative 24/7 and you don’t have the energy to deal with that

how’s this

im worried bc I feel like the op was probably referring to artists that are part of marginalized groups and speak about their opinions between drawings because a lot of people feel so entitled to an artist’s work that they get annoyed when the artist says/does anything personal to their lives. artists are not workhorses that live to please you. they have lives, opinions, and concerns that are separate from you

if only this post was about liking an artist’s work but finding out that they’re ableist/racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc instead because that’s a valid thing to be frustrated about but being annoyed that an artist has personal feelings and isn’t just constantly in a state of focus and churning out art tailored to your interests and desires is really really gross in a way I’m having trouble describing

its…..super entitled

I see where you’re coming from, but you’re leading with an assumption, and a false one at that.  at risk of being cliche, you don’t know me.  you could not possibly know the context of the original post.  but I don’t think I’m acting super-entitled just by dint of making it.

it would be super-entitled if I said artists should stop posting about things that make them angry and bitter in order to cater to their fans, if I sent messages to people saying “oh, I would follow you if you weren’t so angry all the time, your art is so nice.  bummer.”  

I understand that this is a legitimate issue; I deal with people’s expectations for my art on a daily basis, and it pisses me off too.  but there’s nothing wrong with saying to yourself “though I like this person’s art, their attitude and the way they treat people isn’t something I want on my dash because it makes me stressed/anxious/angry (even in sympathy).  it’s a deal-breaker.”

if in between my art I was constantly posting about my own negative feelings, I genuinely wouldn’t mind someone unfollowing me for that.  you don’t feel up to reading about my issues every other post?  I can respect that, they upset me too.  just so long as you let me do my thing on my blog. because you are entitled to a dashboard you want to look at. it’s just you’re the one responsible for making that happen.