JUST DANG I never thought I’d see that kind of number there. I should do something about that!


I’m only doing one drawing this time, and unlike the ones I’ve done before, I’m making this one for only people who are following me as of posting this. This is meant to be more of a thank-you than it is a self-promo sort of thing.

Why such a short date on it? It’s only for my followers, so there’s no sense circulating it too long. Also, I’m on vacation right now, and I’d like to see this get started before it’s over.

Picture will be of the general quality in the examples– full body with minimal background, dynamic pose optional. Semifinal draft quality.

I will do nsfw but I reserve the right to decline something that makes me scrunch my nose (or wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on my blog). I’m really bad at robots.

@lightandwinged is banned from this because I draw her characters all the time and I am drawing them right now 😛

Like or reblog to enter (both = 2 entries). Remember, current followers only! I will be checking when I pull the number.