Holy crap, there are suddenly a lot of you. Thanks for thinking I’m worthy of your follow clicks. So hey, you want some free stuff?!

Just like and reblog this post to enter! Each counts for one entry–you can reblog at your own discretion but don’t bother your own followers just to enter my contest 80 times. 😉 You must be following me for your entry to count–it’s a follower appreciation giveaway, after all. If you don’t want to stick around after you win, that’s fair. And no giveaway bots, please! Robots freak me out. The prizes will be as follows:

First prize: Full body coloured piece of a character of your choice. An OC, a fan character, a cartoony portrait of yourself, whatever floats  your boat!

Second prize: Half body coloured piece of a character of your choice!

Entries will be closed and drawn on Sunday, November 8th at 3pm EST.