Hello everyone! I’m opening up commissions again. Prices are listed up above in my updated sheet. Because of school, sadly, I will likely only have time to work on them during weekends, but expect consistent updates on the progress. I take payment upfront as soon as I start the piece. c:

I will draw anything BUT the following:

-NSFW/sexual content

-Any offensive or disturbing language and/or content

-Excessive amounts of gore/violence (Blood is fine)

Payment! Since I don’t have a bank account quite yet, I am using my sister’s Paypal account. The Paypal account is: qymaenjai_sheelal@yahoo.com. To contact me about commissions, please use my email: gigimodaffari@outlook.com. Also, if you wish to see more of my art, please take a look at my deviantArt: http://gmoda.deviantart.com/gallery/. I will only take on two commissions at a time. Any further questions can be directed to me through tumblr or email.