basically, at the end of the day, i want all of you to know this.

you are never obligated to reblog my art. for whatever reason or purpose, i don’t care, it’s not really my concern. your blog is your blog, and if you don’t want my art on it, that’s fine. i hope one day you’ll put my fun pictures on there to share with your pals, but i am never going to expect that from you.

if you see some comic that whines and moans about this topic, and it says “ALL ARTISTS FEEL THIS WAY”: no, we don’t. i don’t, and i know a shit ton of my artists friends don’t either. their reasons are their own, but mine are simple. i am happy that you guys are here, period, the end. you liking my art makes me so happy, because i know that means you are cheering me on and want me to make more. it is not detrimental, it is encouraging. i will never see people enjoying my art, even in the smallest and simplest ways, to be detrimental or “useless”.

your likes, your reblogs, your comments, they are all very important and encouraging to me. i hope you all remember that.