Arae has a few people he looks up to, mostly his brothers and V’stahn. He admires their strength.

As for someone he can’t stand? Previously, that was L’orian. But since healing part of his issues, it’s died down a little.

Van has a few people in the Sunguard he admires, one of which being Felthier, for his tenacity and unshakable devotion.

As for someone he can’t stand? Alexstraza and the other Aspects. Why? They ruined his life. They helped to destroy his world, family and did nothing in the way of assistance when it came time to do something about saving the world they were charged to protect, they idly stood by and left it to the mortal races to handle. Never mind that death was knocking at their door and drakes were being raised from death around them to fight alongside the undead at Icecrown.

He holds a special and unwavering resentment toward the red flight.