Good morning everyone. As many people have noticed, many of the tags right now are getting a lot of gore in them. Feminism, Doctor Who, and Steven Universe I think are the worst hit, but there are many others. If those images deeply affect you, then steer very clear of the tags for a while until this is over.

For those people who want to help, one of the quickest ways to get the tags cleaned up for everyone is to actually go in and FLAG those offending posts for a breach of community guidelines. 

If you have never done this, here is how:

Say you have found a post with something awful in it in a tag that you go to.

Find the button at the bottom right that is three little dots. That button brings up a huge menu. We are interested in the very bottom option: Flag this post.

Leave the “Block” option selected for your own benefit. Then click on “This violates Tumblr’s Community Guidelines.” Those flags are dealt with the most quickly and with the most seriousness. 

Choose “This content is gross of hateful” for these types of posts.

The “Gore, mutilation…” option is useful for what we’ve been seeing lately. Though you might consider “Malicious speech” if the “gore” option doesn’t seem to fit for some reason. 

If you’ve selected “Gore” You will see this screen:

Click the ones that best apply and submit it. You are done. 

Remember, do not engage with the trolls, avoid content that is too upsetting for you, and flag what you can. Thank you!