Yes kids, it’s easy.

yeah but just imagine an imp or lesser demon who takes pity on a young girl whose life was totally fucked over by overzealous parents, and who was alone because nobody wanted to befriend her.

imagine the demon seeing her crying alone while he’s possessing, like, a neighbor or something, and shambling up in the stiffly-working meat suit and sitting down and asking her what’s wrong. Imagine the little girl being afraid for a moment because people don’t usually walk like that, or talk to her, or ask her what’s wrong, before she just unleashes and lets the floodgates open. The demon is so stricken with grief for this little girl that once he gets over with his possession, he goes in his true form to her and plays whatever game she wants him to play.

Imagine that she’s finally happy and that the demon must go and so while she’s bidding a tearful farewell, the demon teaches her to summon him.

Imagine a little girl with her best friend, the lesser demon.

Now imagine her summoning him again and again through her life. To hang out. To get advice. Whatever. And one day when she summons him she’s crying. Because something bad happened. She won’t tell him what. She just wants his help to make sure nothing like that can ever happen again. She wants to be strong. He can help her with that so he does. Then she uses that power to become a superhero & he has to explain to higher level demons why she can wield brimstone but hasn’t sold her soul.

i really love tumblr sometimes because y’all make something that’s meant to be shitty and awful and horrible such as a demon and turn it into the most humanizing and empathizing piece of shit in the cutest possible way

And one day when the demon answers her summons expecting to hear about her latest exploits, he finds himself not in her house in front of the fireplace, or even in the woods out the back, but in a cold white hospital room.

She’s older now, mid 40s, he’s seen her grow from so small, but she tells him that she’s sick and there’s nothing anyone can do to make it better. That one day she won’t be able to call him anymore.

Her lesser demon is distraught, he knew she was mortal but he never expected this. Her clawless fingers have burrowed into his heart and in all his thousands of years of life he has never thought of what it would be like to lose someone, for real. To lose someone forever.

She tells him it will be ok, that it will stop hurting after a while, but he knows it’s wrong. Maybe for humans who always live with the knoweldge of their mortality, but not for him. He will never stop grieving her death.

He makes her promise to summon him every day from the hospital, and he returns to the planes of hell.
He cashes in every single debt he is owed over the past three millenea, ferreting out every favour he can.
He makes alliances, promises oaths in blood and barters his precious hoard of souls until finally he returns to her with an offer.

If she wants, she can leave her hospital bed, take his hand and follow him to the deepest circle of the underworld where she can be reforged into a demon too. She can live forever there, and find her own lost children on the surface, and he won’t have to lose his closest friend.

*openly weeps*

This was such a great little story!!