“Citizens of the Horde, our enemies have on Dreanor have been vanquished. Our armies have answered our calls and scattered the bloody bodies of the monsters that once called themselves ‘the true horde.’ But at what cost? At what cost did countless heroes have to die? All of this could have been avoided, but a new world has been made. Because of their sacrifice, many monsters would not ravish that world. No scourge, Sylvanas would still be Quel’dori, and perhaps there would be peace among the horde and alliance in that world. The feats we accomplished on Dreanor didn’t just save a few lives, but two worlds that were never meant to collide. Does the end justify the mean? It does. And now, with the heroic deeds our soldiers have accomplished, we are left to rebuild. But the threat still remains, a threat will always remain. To prepare, the Thalassian Military has turned to the Arena of Honor to be our driving point. A tournament of enormous proportions is coming! It will test your Valor, your Strength, and your Will. This is a tournament to find our best, our brightest, to find our future vanguards against the tide that seeks to sweep the horde from our mighty pedestal! Come earn Glory, Victory, gold and recognition of your prowess at the Dawnfury Grand Tournament!”

Hosted by the Dawnfury Regiment

There will be two brackets, one being emote style combat and the other straight forward PvP fighting. Judges will chose the winner of the emote combat and victory will decide the winner of the PvP tournament. 

There will be eight smaller tournaments. The top four winners of both brackets will continue to the Grand Tournament. Winners of the smaller tournaments will get smaller cash prizes as well as in game prizes.

Grand Tournament winner (who wins both PvP and the emote fight) will get $500 US dollars in cash. The runner ups then will receive gold and mounts.

Reward for the Tournament: $500 US dollars for the two Grand Masters. Finalists get their choice of the Amani Dragonhawke, Feldrake, Spectral Tiger, or Molttled Drake. Runner ups get the choice between miner cash prizes or in game gold. Declared favorites of the lesser tournaments will be given their choice of in game store mounts.

The date is currently TBA, but the tournament will take place over several weeks. Keep an eye out for the date. Check the forums, tumblr, and even talk in Silvermoon for the date when the time comes. The date is subject to change depending on the host’s schedule.

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