I think it was a bit presumptuous for the architect to assume I wanted a kitchen with my apartment and make me pay for it. My home is a place of peace. I don’t want to live with red hot heating elements and razor sharp knives. That sounds like a torture chamber.

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wondering about the kind of people clamoring for Soylent, the meal-replacement drink? here they are!

(”I have not done laundry in years. I get my clothing custom made in China for prices you would not believe and have new ones regularly shipped to me. Shipping is a problem. I wish container ships had nuclear engines but it’s still much more efficient and convenient than retail. Thanks to synthetic fabrics it takes less water to make my clothes than it would to wash them, and I donate my used garments, helping out those in need.”)

GOD I will never understand people like this

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John weighs in.

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My god… I’m just going to posting quotes from this all day now.

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“I have not set foot in a grocery store in years. Nevermore will I bumble through endless confusing aisles like a pack-donkey searching for feed while the smell of rotting flesh fills my nostrils and fluorescent lights sear my eyeballs and sappy love songs torture my ears.”

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“As I mature I find myself optimizing for peace instead of posturing, conservation over consumption. Opulence in asceticism.“

This reads like this satirical post on The Toast.

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The best part about this is all that really happens is he shifted his carbon footprint to people around him so he doesn’t have to think about it,