This isn’t about me and rather three or so other friends of mine I’ve seen getting outed for this, but *ALWAYS* contact your artists before getting angry at them for not finishing your commission in a certain timespan (whatever that timespan is for you. A month. Two. Maybe three?) unless you SPECIFICALLY said you want it done by a certain time.

You have no deadline, and have not contacted the artist asking for an update, you literally have no grounds to be angry. No grounds to say ‘they’re a bad artist’. You haven’t contacted nor communicated to your artist that you are getting anxious about the wait time, you did not ever specify a time you wanted it done by before paying, and you literally do not know why the person is taking so long because you have not contacted them.

If you’ve contacted them multiple times and have not gotten the art in the new timespan – Yes. Be upset. 

Artists are human – ask them why it’s taking so long, be nice, don’t be a jerk and callout people or say they’re untrustworthy because you are impatient. MANY people do not publicly post their daily life, their family losses, breakups, exams, and so on. If you aren’t seeing updates, there’s probably a reason. Contact them. 

There’s a chance, too, if they accept 10+ commissions at a time, that your’s simply got misplaced in the flood. Contact them again. 

Be professional. It’s a business. Communicate. Don’t assume.