Ulrók & Zanano

Oh my god. This commission took me forever–not to do, but to start. I couldn’t find the inspiration I needed to do it. I kept getting distracted, or whenever I would try and think of ideas, nothing would come to mind.

Then, I woke up this morning, and was hit so hard in the face with inspiration I barely took any time to do anything else this morning before diving right into it.

Anyway, this is for the lovely, super patient ponibutt (who tumblr won’t let me tag, for whatever reason). 

I hope you enjoy it, dear! 

Everyone else, remember that I do still have commissions open! Note however that since the fiancee and I will be moving in 6 days now, I likely won’t be getting to any other commissions until after we’ve settled in, minus maybe one of the three I currently have slotted. If you’re comfortable waiting however, then by all means, toss a message my way!