Sad day for Jenova Server as a fellow Adventurer, Light Farron, has passed away due to a stroke.

A memorial will be held on Sunday 7PM EST. at the Lavender Beds Ward 1 Plot 57.

More information found here on Reddit.

UPDATE: We will be holding a memorial service on Sunday 20/09/2015, 7PM EST. It’s going to be held at our FC house located at The Lavender Beds Plot 57 Ward 1.

Hi Everyone,

I am speaking on behalf of my Free Company from Jenova and it pains me having to write this.

A friend of ours just passed away recently. Her name was Light Farron and she was one of the founding members of our Free Company. She passed away last month after suffering a stroke during some planned surgery.

She had also suffered severely before her passing due to a shooting accident that happened at her work place. Due to this accident, she had been having sleeping issues. She averages around 1-2 hours of sleep per day due to pain. Despite her pains, she was able to play FFXIV every day, a testament to how much she really loved to play FFXIV. She was always on every day to socialize with people and progress through raids.

She loved this game so much and its community, so it would be my pleasure if the community would paid their respect for her just like how they did when Codex Vahlda was passing. It would be really great for me and for the people who cherished her. The server that she played on is “Jenova”. The FC that she was in is called, “Order of the Dawn”. The FC plot is located at “The Lavender Bed, Plot 57, 1 Ward”. I hope that anyone that is able to can drop by and give your condolences.

Thank you very much for your support and please share this to everyone.

Her Character:

Thanks everyone for taking the time and reading this, Krimson Highwind