Felo’thore began studying lunar magic after he spent a brief but inspiring abroad study in Kalimdor twelve years ago. He had spent much of his life before that mastering fire magic right down to it’s physical and anatomical properties. He spent a residency in Winterspring observing the owlbeasts that roamed the southern border of the region, which led him to dabble into the magic they were naturally bound to. After all, the stars are made of fire- why not? Currently, he is very much in progress with mastering his spells, but he still has quite a bit to still work on before he can reach some of the more powerful ones.

Felo’thore is connected to his spells through emotions. His fire currently being most powerful with fear, anger, hunger and the like. He’s found connection to his lunar magic with more positive feelings such as excitement, love & elation. Hopefully the strength of said spells can multiply with more positive experiences in the future helping him provoke those feelings more clearly.