Patch Title: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness 光と闇の境界

There’s a lot of things going on, the dragonsong war still isn’t over, with people divided on the people wishing peace with the dragons, while some still wish to fight them.

~Forum Hot Topic:

-Ninja Mudra Lag – We’ve been changing some of the background stuff in 3.1 for Mudras, and we think this might have changed it up. We’ve tested on Dev worlds, but we think it might have changed some of the lag a bit, though still dependent on your system and connection too.

3.1 Contents:

~Void Ark – New 24-player Alliance Raid Dungeon

-Void Ark environment shown, Allag-esque? But there’s something eerie about it. Some places feel organic-ish.

-How difficult will it be? Around the same difficulty of Crystal Tower raids.

-Lotting restrictions will be separate for both equipment and material rewards.  –  “We learned from the past, as well as listened to feedback too.”

-Raid gear is darkly colored / themed.

In an age when the miracle of the airship has become commonplace, the heavens have seen the rise of a new breed of fortune hunter – “the sky pirate.” These iarborne buccaneers sail the endless sea of clouds in search of hidden lands to explore, and forgotten treasures to plunder.

In recent days, their venturesome spirits have been stirred by ruomrs of a haunted vessel – an ark of ancient origin set adrift upon the winds. Folk whisper that the craft is kept aloft by the lingering might of sorcerers who, in their desperation to escape a deadly flood, called upon forces best left undisturbed…

~Exploratory Missions – “We came up with the name 3 days before this Live Letter.”

-Going to the Diadem Islands -> Explore island while taking out monsters!

-Can participate with an alliance on your FC airship!

-Might encounter other parties there too.

-Can be done while solo as well -> PF / DF-able?

-And can form parties beforehand.

-The monsters in the video shown aren’t the final monsters appearing there. They want to showcase / include stronger monsters, so think of anything seen from TGS as placeholder monsters still.

-There are many levels to the islands. Lower, Middle, Upper tiers. Can also swap to gathering classes in between and go gather after clearing a tier, and then continue as well.

-There are aether currents, so you’ll still have to attune to them first, but they’ll be in the initial area, so it will be easier to attune to them all.

-There will be rewards based on progress, so you’ll have to talk among the party if you wish to keep going after completing all the objectives needed for the reward.

-NM / HNM monsters will also be there! Powerful! Ovo;;

-As far as gatherers -> There will be items unique to just these islands. Time to gather up rare items. :O

-Can also swap around classes as needed, so you can adjust your party configurations as you go.

-Crafted items that can make you look like sky pirates also available. Probably using the items from these islands.

-Use Party Finder smartly for this content!

-Rewards consist of equipments, items. Monsters will drop treasure boxes, typified as bronze, silver, gold!

-new aetherial equipment: up to item level 210! -> Probably comes from gold boxes, and the stats are random on these.

-Exchange unwanted items for points!

-Equipment with a random glamour.

-”We tried to make content you’d find in an old world, classic MMO.” – Yoshi-P