Eyyy, actual art! This is my main, my worgen discipline Priest. I actually came up with her story and the like and have been in a hella worgen mood the last couple weeks, so figured I’d get her refsheets done. I like her somewhat-nun hat :> Definitely some Maid Marian in there. Her everyday wear is basically for anytime that she’s not prepared to go fight stuff. I forgot how to draw people though.

An only child, she was raised in a family of Priests in Gilneas City. After coming of age, she married a fisherman and moved to Keel Harbor with him. They lived happily for years, until the Cataclysm hit, and he drowned while trying to tame the ships in the harbor. She nearly drowned as well – unable to swim and having jumped in after him – but was rescued by one of the worgen who had come with a small force to try and help out during the sudden storms. It was here she was accidentally wounded in the thrashing waves, and caught the curse.