I’m bored this afternoon and thought I’d kick off a Fanart Friday. 

How to do it:

Starting now, 11:30, reblog this with a link to your WoW character, either a battlenet model, screenshot or artwork/sketches with a brief one line on their personality and any additional defining features that don’t show up if you’re linking me a model and I’ll use a random generator to pick the piece I’ll draw today.

Only reblogs will count.  Please put your character into the post when reblogging, otherwise if I have to send you a message and it takes a bit to get back to me with what I’ll be drawing, you might not get it today depending on how long it takes to communicate.

What it’ll look like:

Here’s an example of what you’ll get, courtesy of Teechew’s Kelutra.



You have 3 hours until 2:30 pm EST time today!  Please only one character and one reblog per person, don’t swamp your followers!

Good luck!