The second item on the “30 ideas” challenge!

2. Your favorite city or faction guard.

Mine is without a doubt the female Draenei guard outside of the Temple of Telhamat in Outland. Back when be first opened the boars that roamed most of hellfire peninsula were a nightmare to deal with. High hp, hard hitting, at a time when my poor pally really just auto attacked and waited for reckoning to proc while hoping my HP held up. One time while questing there I had three of the bastards pop up on me and I, having literally no chance, made a desperate run for it. I was pretty much dead when this fine lady ran into them and killed them all pretty handily. It’s an image that’s stuck with me to this day and I finally commuted it to paper.

The good old days are best through Rose tinted goggles I find. 🙂

Next up in the list, something s little more odd and off the wall.

3. The food vendor you buy from the most.

Here’s a link to the original challenge! http://jason-draws.tumblr.com/post/128998945441/jason-drawstumblrcom-presents-the-30-idea-world