[4:17:03 PM] Tevruden: “Jael has one of those ‘minimalist’ bedrooms that make you wonder where he keeps everything (in the closet!!).” andrea I hope you worded it that way on purpose
[4:17:18 PM] Andrea C: i actually didn’t
[4:17:19 PM] Andrea C: gdi
[4:18:55 PM] ICY: LOLOLOL
[4:19:05 PM] ICY: it’s funny because
[4:19:29 PM] ICY: Eury would open those closet doors
[4:19:35 PM] ICY: and everything comes spilling out
[4:19:43 PM] ICY: much like when Jael sees an attractive man
[4:19:50 PM] Andrea C: oh m y god
[4:19:50 PM] ICY: and Eury is like
[4:19:51 PM] Tevruden: I feel like– oh
[4:19:57 PM] ICY: “Please Jael… just accept yourself”
[4:20:21 PM] Tevruden: it was a simile
[4:20:45 PM] ICY: what comes spilling out of Jael when he sees an attractive man
[4:20:46 PM] ICY: I wonder
[4:21:15 PM] Andrea C: that’s for him to know and you to never find out
[4:21:20 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: Meanwhile Jael: No homo (except I am really)
[4:21:34 PM] Tevruden: everyone knows it
[4:21:43 PM] Tevruden: its like a not secret-secret
[4:22:02 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: Vae: It was a secret?
[4:22:10 PM] Andrea C: ;-;
[4:22:28 PM] ICY: Jael: has sex with roland, says no homo after
[4:22:35 PM] Tevruden: Tev: It was the worst secret ever.
[4:22:42 PM] *** Andrea C is dying ***
[4:22:55 PM] ICY: WAIT WAIT
[4:23:18 PM] ICY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAwad6dSjn0
[4:23:21 PM] ICY: THIS IS EURY
[4:23:23 PM] ICY: WITH JAEL
[4:23:33 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: YES
[4:23:35 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: SO MUCH YES
[4:23:41 PM] Tevruden: YUUUUP
[4:23:50 PM] ICY: JAEL
[4:23:53 PM] ICY: IT’S JAEL
[4:24:09 PM | Edited 4:26:58 PM] Tevruden: “Oh you ready to come out?”
[4:24:29 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: Vae: While you’re in there, could you get my scarf, please?
[4:24:36 PM] ICY: everyone crowds around Jael and claps
[4:24:41 PM] Andrea C: lmfao
[4:24:43 PM] ICY: like “Congratulations Shinji”
[4:24:48 PM] Aspect of Fruitcake: LOL
[4:25:15 PM] ICY: “You realized you’re bi(or pan idk)”
[4:26:13 PM] An entire swarm of corgis: Dante: “Jesus, you took long enough”

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