Transmog: Leafwrapped Tracker

Whether it is open, rolling hills like Nagrand or thick forests like those around her old home, Quynt has a few mainstays for handling such natural environments, but she frequently returns to a special set of gear she has acquired. It is one of the few outfits she has not crafted or salvaged herself, somehow always finding it to be the most comfortable when the hills are green or the leaves are thick.

A semi-traditional garb made from the combined knowledge of elven rangers and dwarven mountaineers, the variety of material is offset by its immaculate craftmanship. The combinations of leather and light armor are fused with techniques even she doesn’t fully understand, equal parts elven threadwork and dwarven reinforcing somehow combined at only third the weight it ought to have.

Muted earthy colors give it a distinct look when walking about but allows for easy blending in natural environments. It tends to not be a good fit once heat becomes a concern or the environment otherwise calls for something lighter, but the weight always seems to change, to be lighter when closest to nature. Her suspicion is the Farstriders who aided its creation enchanted it to be that way.

She doesn’t wear it often to keep it preserved for when she feels it is most needed, but the way it combines the mobility and dexterity needed to stay on her feet with the coverage needed for more dangerous missions and locales makes it one of her most effective sets of armor.