We have two little stray kittens who desperately need homes!! They are very sweet and so cute! We cannot keep them because we already have cats, but are willing to bring these babies to you wherever you are. They are brothers and can go separately or together.

They come from a colony of cats a heartless neighbor of mine abandoned years ago and refuses to care for. When asked my neighbor says they are not his cats and really doesn’t care if they live or die. Over the years my family has neutered, spayed, adopted, found homes for, cared for, fed, and domesticated at least a dozen of these poor babies. Loki and Jiji are just the most recent two.


Name: Jiji
Named after: Kiki’s cat companion in Kiki’s Delivery Service
Temperament: curious, sweet, an attention hog
Fav places to be pet: chin and tummy. 
Quirks: makes weird Donald Duck noises a lot. Follows you around and sits as close as possible to you.


Name: Loki
Named after: Marvel’s Loki, everyone’s fav asshole god
Temperament: He thinks he’s a tough guy, but he really isn’t. He is playful, sometimes shy, but really very sweet
Fav places to be pet: behind the ears
Quirks: will fall asleep and/or fall over while being pet. Has the loudest purr ever.

We are located in New Jersey (Essex County, specifically) but have cats WILL TRAVEL!  We just need these guys to get homes so they don’t have to live outside their whole lives with the more feral members of the colony.

Even if you cannot take them please reblog this so that we can find homes for them!  

I am also open to anyone who has any suggestions to help these two and the rest of the colony (including the ferals).  

If you want one of these awesome babies, know anyone who wants one, or have any suggestions please message me ( 


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