His cheeks flushed a rosy tone as she pulled his long locks into her hands with a gentle but envious touch. In any normal circumstance, the warrior would vehemently protest.
He was admittedly territorial of his personal space and nothing irritated him more than his hair
being tampered with. But he sat there, calm as the water beneath the rock they sat on and let her work the knots
out invitingly. Her fingers illuminated with delicate stardust shimmers that laced around her
scalded fingers like ribbons. When they touched his hair, thumbnail sized flowers sprouted with deep golden vines- lacing and braiding through the platinum strands elegantly. He hummed. This….this was
nice. Maybe he liked someone else playing with his hair after all. Or maybe it was just a twin thing.

Veli and Thor having sneaked out of the infirmary for a few hours only to spend some sibling venting time. Hair flower braiding happened.