The sickness is coming!

    Starting this October, a fan-made roleplay plot hits the Warcraft community. When an unexplained epidemic begins to creep across Azeroth, it’s up to heroes of both the Horde and Alliance to find a cure and stop the spread before it eclipses the world.

    The event will span both factions of Wyrmrest Accord, Moon Guard, and Emerald Dream and will focus on the guilds that inhabit them. Independent roleplayers are also welcome to incorporate the details into their roleplay, but guild players will spearhead the storyline. Any guild created before September 1st, 2015 will be eligible to be credited for defining plot points. Guilds created after September 1st, or guilds with no interest in being directly involved are still invited to participate! The sickness is easy to incorporate into unrelated plots and everyday roleplay. Applications for plot points close September 20th.

    A large-scale story needs planners and mediators. Players interested in being realm representatives should be unbiased, helpful individuals who are focused on providing a safe and fun roleplay environment for their peers. If you are interested in rolling a character to be an auxiliary aid to the plot, applications for realm representatives close September 22nd.

    As guilds work together to progress the story, free artwork and other treasures will be up for grabs. You can keep up with the content as it becomes available here.

    Questions? Want to apply, discuss, or get more information? Contact Silane in-game on Horde-side Emerald Dream, or inquire with Zappypew on Skype.