As usual, simple as it is: 5 slots, 3 waist-ups for 55$, full-bodies for 100$.

Waist-up examples:

123 – 4

Full-body examples:


There are also sketch commissions now, that will be open pretty much always, hopefully. They are 20$ and are a colored full-body sketch of a character.


1234 –

What I draw: I can draw anything, not just WoW characters – your OCs, dragons, Guild Wars, SWTOR characters, whatever, as long as I have good references. It can be both SFW or NSFW.

It’s a first come, first serve thing. So if you want a slot, PM me on Tumblr.

Evening reblog just in case someone missed it but wanted a slot!  So far there’s one waist-up slot still open!

The slots are:

1. Waist-up – 

2. Waist-up –

3. Waist-up –

4. Fullbody –

5. Fullbody –