I decided to stay with my fam a while longer u_u
will be back on Thursday though, for reals this time.

* * *

Also, would anyone be interested in some super cheap traditional
headshot sketches? I don’t have examples at hand (because I never draw
traditional stuff anymore), the closest I have is this but not colored, but they would be drawin with pencil, and scanned and sent out once I get back home.

Only 3 usd a piace! Wing-it style, NO revisions or fixes (unless I draw something blatantly wrong).

If interested, please throw me an email ( with your paypal address (I’ll
just throw you an invoice if I accept you) and a reference picture or
two. I will ignore reblogs and asks and fanmail; email only. Since these would be SKETCHES very complex characters might end up
slighty simplified, and there would be no color (though you would be
free to color them yourself if you feel like it), just sketch + maybe
some pencil toning.