Rhandelen, Selea, Thordemar, & Felo’Thore (Year 531 by the King’s Calendar)

“The Emberfells were once a prosperous house from which blossomed
some of Quel’thala’s finest skilled tradesmen. Its prosperity waned with
every war, for a merchant house, no matter how prestigious, could not
be exempt from the draft. Faced with repeated tragedy, the name
Emberfell became worth little more than the fine weapons it’s last
remaining heir could forge. Rhandelen Emberfell was the last thread of
the family’s lineage. It was a house no longer after he married the
Silvermoon Spellbreaker, Selea Ashalanar, and her family disowned her
for doing so. She was to be betrothed to a noble man, but instead she
acted on her heart’s desire for the talented Emberfell blacksmith. In
year 524, Selea took a leave from her position in guard to bear
Rhandelen twin sons who would go on to survive the fall of Quel’thalas,
while their parents, sadly, would not. A talented mage and a steadfast
warrior were left with little to understand about a name that held no
status or meaning anymore after the scourge invasion”

Excerpt from Chapter II: Home is Where the Heart Is