I have five dragons, red, emerald, blue, bronze, and black. I don’t know many dragon rpers but I’d like to get to know more and get my dragon babies some friends! I play on Moonguard, though my emerald dragon is on Wyrmrest Accord. These are my dragons true names and aliases:

Red- Lady Kiri Flamestrike/Kiristrasza
Blue- Lady Zaria Frostfire/Zaragosa
Bronze- Lady Tarra Lightwell/Tarradormi
Emerald- Seandra Nightsong/Seandra
Black- Lady Amalthea Evance/Amalthiana

(DAMNIT I don’t have him made as a character on any RP server, but consider this a great Blue head raised in interest. I don’t spend a lot of time in game nowadays and only really RP out of it. Given his actual hair color in disguise, it’s obvious why I didn’t make a proxy. xD)

This is Abragos, handsome, mighty and goddamn arrogant about it. He doesn’t exactly respect Kalecgos as a leader and his pride will get him in more trouble than he’ll openly admit or ask for help for. 

I also have a Twilight (Obsfulon) and a tiny black drake (Charrion).

Arandormu – Bronze Flight (Varaelian Nilhandril, MG – The Sunguard)

Art by Hornedfreak <3

I have Kyragos, a frostwyrm and former blue dragon that’s was raised by Tev when he was in the Scourge and fought alongside him until Arthas was killed. Tev released him from his service; but go figure, the dragon that he raised was a  stubborn butt like he was, and immediately made himself Tev’s squire. 

Somehow he manages to be order of magnitudes nicer than Tev is.