Really, now. That’s what you’d do?

You sure? You want to uh… maybe, uh…?

We’ll give you a moment.

First, the transphobic logic. Then, the “Worgen can smell your period” comment. Now, hypocrisy? Must be some kind of “Scumbag Bingo” card he’s trying to fill out

Wait wait wait waitwaitwaitWAITWAIT.

He’s the vagina-smelling worgen guy? Or is this guy exclusively a period smeller in another situation?

He’s not THE smeller of womens’ organs, he posted a comment on the thread FROM the actual smeller and supported it with “well, animals can tell if a female is in heat from miles away”. So he isn’t guilty of huffing, he just thinks it’s a good idea.

Oh gross.

Yeah. 10/10 wishing Failzeroth would say that’s canon, but in NO situation is an anthropomorphic wolf sensing your menstrual cycle and confirming their suspicions appropriate. Ever.

gross ass motherfuckers, jesus christ

mirson needs to go back to his alley and take his pedo-endorsing woman-abusing ways and shit opinions with him

Dromosh is the grossest motherfucker on that board. Seriously, go read half of the posts he makes. His stance is: If you get offended by what I say, its your fault, not mine. I’m allowed to say whatever I want because 1st amendment.”

Seriously. He’s the posterchild for whiny celebrities that scream about people being “too PC”

Mirson’s been doing this edgelord schtick since I transferred to Moon Guard. He’s a weird sexual assault-y/rapist type of person on the forums and in public so I honestly have no clue how fucked up he is in private but I am thinking it’s pretty awful.

I mean, did we forget the “You will regret this” post because someone turned him down for erp?

Oh my god, that’s so.. I don’t even have the words for it anymore. That’s beyond disgusting

“well, animals can tell if a female is in heat from miles away”.

He needs to go back to scool. Humans have menstrual cycles and not estrous cycles. If you’re going to try to use science to back up your shitty opinion, at least know the correct science.