willaaard said: 

Oh my goodness, so many babies! The life of an artist/character creator. Toooo many babies. I have hundreds myself… Tell me about your Felblood elf. A while ago I created a character who is heavily influenced by Fel, and could bounce ideas?

I feel it LOL so many babies so little time

My felblood, Xandoravas (or Xander for short) is by far probably my most problematic character. The only thing he cares about is power, he could care less about who he hurts or kills in the process. He’s fascinated with carnomancy aka flesh-shaping, and aims to create the perfect being with a few key ingredients and magic – not something like simply necromancy.

He frequently kidnaps and experiments on poor unsuspecting victims, donning an illusion and suppressing his magical aura to pass as a simple priest of the Light.

He is a butt, and I love him. Sadly I have not done anything worthwhile with him yet

#Tyr is raging here quietly in the back like#EXCUSE U#NECROMANCY IS GREAT

Tev agrees necromancy is pretty great.