i’m in a bad place, a really bad place. its been bad for a while, but it just got a lot worse, and as much as i hate doing this, i really, really need help. some of you might recall i opened a gofundme a while back, but because of family almost finding it, i had to shut it down. im placing a paypal donation button on my page– all of the money earned will go towards paying for my medications (which im on nearly a dozen of), doctor visits, and fixing our car.

i know this is a lot to ask and its really sudden, and i’m really sorry- i just need to make enough for a while so that i can get a few of these medications so that i can function. i will try to re-open commissions after this batch is finished, for those who want to be compensated for what they give.

my reasoning for doing this now and information about whats going on is below the cut. donate button is on my page

please send me an ask or email me at oboon@live.com if you have any questions

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