New outfit! 8D And profile style. I’ve got some small tweaks to the others I’ve already posted so I’m only going to edit those when I make the changes. Since Vron’s outfit is changing completely, I’m doing a fresh post for him.

I was never really satisfied with his Arakkoa-form outfit, but now I finally am o/ Blood Elf form’s is way easier to draw now (aside from the shoulders but I wasn’t about to change those), and the two forms actually parallel each other this time. He doesn’t have that transmog yet, but there it is. I’m finally learning to let go of sticking too hard to the original armour when redesigning it.

Though goddamn do I wish the Arakkoan wing blades were available as actual transmog items. I didn’t redraw the model up there :V Just colour tweaked a model viewer screen shot. Eh, it’s a refsheet. He wields the same weapon pair in both forms.

Random fun fact: Vronaak’s name is from Polish “wrona”, meaning crow.