Honestly, why does everyone say Jaina Proudmoore is ‘crazy’?

She lost the love of her life to unspeakable darkness. She had Theramore reduced to ashes with very few survivors, while her so-called ‘friend’ Thrall did nothing. She had Blood Elves in Dalaran take advantage of her willingness to keep the city neutral. She was forced to choose her peaceful ideals over her own family, her own king, because she didn’t want to fight the Horde

She literally lost everything and everyone that she held dear.

And as a traumatized survivor of such horrors, she lashes out. She’s angry. She wants to kill those who hurt her so deeply, who ruined her life. 

Can you blame her? Can you blame the anger of a woman who watched everyone she loved perish at the hands of the Horde, yet watching the Horde escaping justice and punishment again and again and again?