in most cases, he’s a vampire that’s pretty young in the scheme of things, he has upward mobility plans, he works for Netra as his right hand guy (which considering how young Dante is, that’s a big fuckin’ deal), and Dante has managed to build a little (big) nest of money and material comfort over careful management of his money and bank loopholes. he actually does dress kinda nice when he’s dressed formally, though it’s usually super dramatic and very flowy stuff, but dark colors. 

he’s also kind of super boring and a vampire hobo. do not touch him. just put him back in his trash can

Never, I’m take him out of the trash and introduce him to Peace.

DO NOT REMOVE HIM FROM THE TRASH!!! he will then never leave you alone

roland or antaeus or tev could tell peace that. JUST LEAVE HIM INT HE GARBAGE


They are now friends, surrounded by tall people.

So smoll.