For anyone, of any class, of any role, who is interested in a hands-on learning experience where you won’t be yelled at or kicked for making mistakes. I have a lot of experience and genuinely enjoy helping people, so this could be very rewarding for everyone involved!

  • Both factions welcome; I would likely alternate weeks between Alliance and Horde. 
  • We’d probably use Mythic BRF (Maybe Highmaul) as a starting point because most people are already familiar with the instance.
  • Cross-realm friendly because it’s not the current patch!
  • One night per week, ~3 hours or so, probably on the weekend. 

Please note: this requires you to have some prior raiding experience on the toon you want to bring. The point of the workshop would be to teach others what it takes to become capable of Mythic content (as a player or as a group), not how to raid starting at square one. <3 

I won’t start this up unless I get a decent bit of interest, so if you’d like to be part of this workshop, pass the word on! 

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Oh wow, because PvE is soooo difficult that it requires a “workshop”. Killing NPC’s that have rotations/attacks they’re guaranteed to do every single time without fail is sooo hard. Lmao

Please link your armory page so we can see your Mythic Archimonde kill, TIA.