Rommath: So according to the reports from the front line, there was another group of highborne that were exiled and ended up evolving into a sub-race.

Lor’themar: This is all sounding rather familiar.

Rommath: More importantly, they’re currently in battle against us as they serve the burning legion.

Lor’themar: Oh what -were- the chances?

Rommath: Could you imagine it, though. One wrong boat and we could potentially have ended up nearly serving the legion ten thousand years later!

Lor’themar: …. *sloooooooowly looks at Rommath*

Rommath: …

Lorthemar: You are aware that denial is a stage of grief, yes?

Rommath: I had traction when Kael’thas was around! I wasn’t delegated to a messenger for some wet-behind-the-ear, bow-pulling ranger! Being the Grand Magister meant something back in the day!

Lor’themar: That’s nice dear.

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