Someone in the comments of that Genzoman hate post is getting offended and asking what’s the difference between taking shots at beginner artists and ripping apart artists like Genzoman.

Here’s the difference, friends: Genzoman is a professional. He makes art for a living, has put a lot of time and effort into his craft, and clearly has the understanding of how things are supposed to look but actively chooses to ignore this for Liefield-esque anatomy and lazy shortcuts (see: copy-pasting weapon models, using default photoshop leaf brushes, NEVER DRAWING FEET).

He should know better. By putting himself into the eyes of a consumer base he has opened himself up for reception, and that reception can and will be critically harsh. Art is not a sacred thing that should always be met with “you did your best! uwu”

A beginner artist does not know better. They are not paid by large corporations to produce something, and they do not have large followings of impressionable people thinking that their mistakes are good reference material. There is a very large difference between taking shots at someone just learning the basics and someone like Genzoman and I’m a little disappointed some people can’t see that.

Genzoman is 100% aware of how he draws. People have come to him before giving him advice and criticism and his reactions are always the same. He gets up in their faces and rudely proclaims what a seemingly fantastic artist he is and that he draws specifically in that “style” because people pay him to do it.

He’s been drawing this way for over 10 years and has not adapted or changed his style. He’s not a beginner. He’s a stagnant, lazy and frankly awful artist who uses hypersexualized bodily proportions in an attempt to distract the more shallow minded consumers and big businesses who use hypersexualisation to sell a product.

I mean you can tell he’s probably a seemingly decent artist when he gives men a wide variety of body shapes and faces, but when he draws women, they all have the same big-eyed, small nosed features with the exact, same body shape and wet-silk clinging to their crotches for seemingly no reason. That’s not a beginner’s mistake. Beginners’ mistakes are shown on all aspects of their work in some form, not just the body of one particular sex.

And don’t even get me started on how he bastardizes the concept of texture mapping. Yes, it’s a shortcut most professional artists use in the business. However, most actually work to blend the photograph into the image and not just put a bit of GLOW on it.