I’m gunna write a list of problematic artists in the Wow community you should totally check out because they’re amazing STOP SUPPORTING BECAUSE THEY’RE SINNY SIN SINNERS WHO NEED A TIME OUT.

shithowdy : Commits the cardinal sin of making disgusting corpse people really friggin’ cute/Gives them personalities and shit/Potentially a hazard because they make me feel things for rotters and feeling any emotion at all might turn my tiny, icy heart two sizes too big- and it’ll kill me prolly/Stupid cute zombies

mad-maddie: Ruins your childhood by making video game characters look super freaking hot /really pretty night elves./They also tell the honest truth about the horrors of the customer service trade and that could be potentially educational and teach people to respect those who work in customer service/Possibly a cinnamon roll and that’s triggering to those who don’t like cinnamon

mori-sketchbook: Makes me commit terrible sins against my OCs/ Has really hot characters with hard to spell names/Is a kinky son of a gun/ Made Edyne cry once

cieatix: Makes me jealous with their remarkable anatomy skills >:CCCC/Really friggin’ cute and says nice things. Potentially triggering to people who are allergic to compliments/Keeps streaming when I’m asleep so I miss it and feel guilty for being asleep while they’re streaming

bylacey : Also really friggin’ amazing at the art thing/ Likes Lor’themar and there can be only one! / Really friggin’ amazing at drawing lips and that also makes me cream with jealousy!/ Potential appreciator of willies and man-abs

wulfgnar: Is a chihuahua and that’s a dog that’s perfectly sized to sit on a supervillain’s lap / Draws birbs and we all know birbs are evil/ Makes me keel over in pain with how good they are at the art thing/ probably an evil dog-bird hybrid who will fly in through your window and draw age-of-sail art on your walls and then hump your sofa

robinaa Way to fuggin’ cute to even be real/ Have you seen how cute their art is?/Way too nice./Potential murderer in the form of making you have a heart attack when they do nice things out of the blue because they do that/ Likes King Varian more than Lor’themar and that is the greatest of sins ever. God damn fight me IRL


it seems legit


Any other is a cheap, problematic imitation!

It has come to my attention that there are even more heinous sinners out there in the WoW community on tumblr! I have taken it upon myself to spread the word of their actions!

lobstmourne: Is a lobster/How did a lobster learn how to type?/Probably an attempt to take the surface world and force us to wear rubber bands on our hands/not recommended for anyone with a shellfish allergy/can smell your fear/snip-snip

tevruden​: Feckin’ corpse/ Undead shouldn’t make me feel things we’ve been over this!/ Speaks up when people are being shits and apparently on tumblr that’s a BAD THING FOR SOME REASON/ Potentially a death knight and we all know deathknights are problematic

~hero class~ 😛